I Spy: T


Last week we took him home.

A new tabby.

Tabby is for T, right? :-)

He’s actually pretty cool :-)

Happy week guys!




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I spy: S


I haven’t been writing for so long. All’s because there are so many things happening in my life. First of all, Loki’s gone. His kidney’s got so bad that we had to put him to sleep. That was the hardest decision in my life. :-/

Then, there’s my pregnancy. It’s difficult, I mean everything is ok with the baby, but I’m home alone most of the time, trying to look  after my son. And trying not to go crazy…

Still, today I finally took a photo of something starting with S :-) Yay!

I spy with my little eye a shadow on the wall in my living room.

Hope I’ll be able to post something starting with T soon…

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